Aluminum Tape for Decor: Adding Flair with Metallic Tape

When people think of aluminum tape, they probably think of basic household projects. Most commonly, aluminum tape is utilized in duct work, hidden in the bowels of the home being functional rather than beautiful. I’d like to take an outside-the-box look at what could be done with aluminum tape to add aesthetic appeal.

Embossing Aluminum Tape

The unfettered metallic look of aluminum tape can be beautiful on its own. However, if you’re looking for an extra special look or just something with a little patina, you can actually emboss aluminum foil tape with a design. Due to the backing on the tape, it’s easier to reverse emboss it, which means you’re pushing the design down rather than popping it up.

To do this, you’ll need an embossing stylus, the metal stencil of your choice, aluminum tape, and some good old fashioned patience. Usually you’d use a light board so that the stencil could be easily seen through the material you’re embossing, but since aluminum foil tape is totally opaque, even in the light, that’s not an option here. Instead, you’ll emboss by feel. First, place the tape metallic side up, backing down over top of the stencil. Then, carefully find the design with your finger first and then begin lightly going over the design with the stylus until the entire area of the stencil is pushed down. Find the next piece of the design with your finger and push it down, too.

You can create any look you want with this technique by changing up the stencil. Used embossed aluminum foil tape in lieu of regular tape for the following projects.

Jazz Up Furniture

Have furniture that needs a lift? Use aluminum tape to cover the edges and give


Metallics can create a big impact in your scrapbooking projects. While aluminum tape isn’t the only way to add a pop of metallic color, it is a really quick way! You can color over the tape with a permanent marker and let it dry thoroughly before applying to add color. Use this tape as a border or cut out shapes with punches to add that special something to your pages of memories.


Pretty much everyone has a cheap or outdated frame laying around that they don’t hang because it’s just not that attractive. Give frames a modern touch by covering them in aluminum tape. Simply line up the inside edge of the frame and the edge of the tape. Carefully stick the tape down, pushing it into any design on the frame gently so that it covers completely without bubbles. Run the tape right around to the back of the frame for full coverage, and cut off any extra with a craft blade.

Kitchen Backsplash

At Tapes Supply, you can purchase aluminum tape that is up to a foot wide. Use our wide aluminum tape to create a modern, ridiculously simple backsplash. The sturdy rubber adhesive makes it perfect for this. Emboss the tape to create a custom design in your aluminum tape backsplash.

The Final Word on Unconventional Aluminum Tape Uses

There are so many ways you can use aluminum tape, and while many of them are perfectly functional and necessary, aluminum tape can be a lot of fun, too. Watch our Tapes Supply blog for more tape ideas.

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