Carton Sealing Packaging Tape For Sale

As a small business owner, there are a few things that are just a pain in the butt--there just isn’t a way around it. Maintaining organization within your ready-to-ship orders can be a task in-and-of itself. Of course, keeping them in proper piles works....until you have to find the box in the middle, at the very bottom of the pile, and you’re back to total chaos. The time it takes you to re-stack the boxes could have been used in a more productive manner. Unfortunately, that time spent redoing a task and you’ve lost efficiency, as a result.

What if there was an easy solution? Well, hold onto your shorts--there is! Instead of stacking boxes upon boxes, or even trying to organize them by category, a simple answer exists: carton sealing packaging tape. No, not the depressing, overly-sticky packaging tape from the Post Office. Colored packaging tape not only seals your boxes, it provides a quick way to organize your packages.

By switching to this color coding system, you’ll greatly increase your level of productivity,  and organization. Thanks to a simple switch from clear, boring packing tape, to brightly colored, professional packing tape, your business will see the benefits almost immediately. This simple shift can easily be transposed onto a personal level. With the upcoming holidays, it can quickly become overwhelming to shop for gifts, wrap them, package them, and send them out in a timely manner.

Here is a time-saving solution to ease the stress! Place all of the gifts that should be shipped together in a single pile. Construct the box with the bright carton sealing tape, without taping it fully shut. Make a note of which color tape coordinates with the person or family to which you’re sending the package, and begin the wrapping process. To fully ensure that each box contains all of its parts, use the colored tape to code each gift. You’ll never have to worry about mixing up the components of each package, nor shipping the incorrect order to a customer. Each shipment will contain gifts taped in the same color as the box itself. It makes for a very easy visual!

Organizing your holiday packages, or small business is as easy as purchasing the Carton Sealing Packaging Tape. It comes in 9 vibrant colors, to suit your wants and needs. Simplify your shipments and life, with color coded tape!


Look no further! We have this phenomenal organizational tool right here, at Our high-quality products will leave you wondering why you didn’t switch to simplicity sooner!

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