Glow In the Dark Tape Ideas for a Hauntingly Splendid Halloween

Nothing says Halloween like spooky glow in the dark items. Tape Supply’s T.R.U. PGD-6 and PGD-24 Glow In the Dark Tapes are the perfect way to add that special glow to your Halloween festivities. Here are some simple ideas that you can implement to make this Halloween just a little brighter.


Halloween safety is a big deal. Add strips of glow in the dark tape to costumes so that your trick-or-treaters are visible to drivers after dark. It will also help parents keep track of kiddos after the sun goes down.

Glow in the dark tape is great for helping lead the way through haunted houses, as well. Simply stick a strip along the pathway or along the base of walls so people can find their way through safely.

Glow Tape for Costumes

Stick man costumes have been remarkable popular the past couple years. They usually use LED lights to create a glowing figure that stands out on a dark suit, and they can get pretty expensive! Instead, use 1 in. glow tape to create a stick man costume. Affix the tape in a vertical line down the body of a dark hooded sweatshirt and down the arms, down the legs of dark sweats, and around the opening of the hood to form the head, and voila!

You can also add interest and a haunting effect to any tattered costume by adding glow in the dark tape to peek through the layers. Imagine a mummy that appears to glow from within!

Glow Tape for Décor

Create a large, glowing spiderweb out of ½ in. glow in the dark tape on a dark sheet. Lay out the sheet flat, use lengths of tape to create a large octagon, and then continue by making several smaller octagons towards the middle of the sheet. Add the web’s supports by running tape from the center. Hang this item indoors or out for a spooky focal point, and don’t forget to add a spider!

You can use glow tape to make simple, fast jack-o-lanterns. Purchase a wider tape, cut out facial features and affix them to pumpkins. You get the glow without the hassle of carving pumpkins. It also means you can pull the tape off and keep pumpkins around for post-Halloween fall décor.

Add glow tape to your candy bowl or other scary Halloween décor to add a haunting glow for visiting trick-or-treaters.

Photoluminescent Tape Buying Guide

There’s a significant price difference between the PGD-6 and PGD-24 glow tape varieties stocked at Tapes Supply, but what’s the real difference? The answer there is that the PGD-6 stays “charged” for 6 hours, while the PGD-24 offers 24 hours of glow between recharges. Both varieties fully charge in 30 minutes of light, and both are available in the same with options on 30 ft. rolls. Which one you choose will depend mostly on what you need it for. Consider how long you need the tape to glow before you make your purchase!

Whatever glowing Halloween ideas you decide to implement this year, don’t forget to charge up your glow in the dark tape before that ghostly night!

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