How to Use an ATG Tape Dispenser

ATG tape is essential to any project involving pictures. Its acid-free qualities ensure your pictures will remain striking far longer than with other tapes. When used in conjunction with a tape dispenser, your projects will appear extremely professional. Whether you are interested in scrapbooking, framing a picture, or another project, this wonderful tape and dispenser need a home in your toolbox. Follow these easy steps to assembling your tape dispenser!


Set-Up Instructions

  1. Open clear plastic cover.
  2. Place core of the tape onto the black knob, located on the black gear. Make sure the end piece of tape pulls to the left.
  3. Undo end piece of tape, and bring it to the bottom-side of the dispenser.
  4. Pull end piece over top of the first of two black knobs, located on the left-hand-side of the dispenser.
  5. Slide tape around the bottom of the second black knob, bringing it back over to the top of the roll of tape.
  6. Bring tape around wheel at back of the tape gun, starting at the bottom and pulling it to the right and over the top.
  7. Slide end into the slit located on the wheel, securing the tape in place
  8. Close clear plastic cover.

How to Use the Dispenser

  1. Position gun above the surface you’d like to tape.
  2. Press down on trigger, located on the handle.
  3. Press dispenser down on surface, and pull towards yourself.
  4. Lift away from the surface, simultaneously releasing the trigger
  5. Admire your project!

Follow these instructions for an ATG dispenser, and your projects will come out beautifully, with minimal effort on your part. This all-in-one tape is the answer to your scrapbooking prayers.

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