How to Use Packing Tape to Color Code Your Move

Moving is such a headache. Getting an entire lifetime’s worth of possessions neatly packed away so that your stuff arrives safely at the other end of the move can be hard enough. Packing it in such a way that you can efficiently unpack is an entirely different animal.

Moving should be exciting. It should be a time of new beginnings, growth, and renewal. It would be nice if we could think of moving into a new home or business as a fresh start rather than one of the most horrible chores imaginable.

Finding a way to keep all of your things organized while packing, moving, and unpacking doesn’t have to be daunting. With a little planning and forethought, you can keep all of your things straight during a big move. Here are a couple of ways colored carton sealing tape can help you do just that.

Color Code Box Seals

Use various colors of carton sealing tape when packing. Assign a color to each room (or type of room, i.e. bathrooms). Tapes Supply offers nine different colors of carton sealing tape to meet all of your packing needs.

Color coding boxes by room can help save you time and effort. It will allow you to get each box in the right room the first time, reducing the number of times you pick up each case and therefore the time and energy that moving requires.

Quality Tape Leads to Fewer Damaged Cases

Using a high quality packing tape will also help to ensure that your boxes stay together. This can help ensure that your things arrive intact at their destination. When you use poor quality tape, the cube structure that lends packing boxes their strength may be compromised when items shift around or when pressure is applied to the box like that which occurs when you stack boxes on top of one another. Tapes Suppy’s carton sealing tape is 2mm thick and is carefully designed to be tough. It is also plenty wide with 2 and 3 in. sizes to provide nice, sturdy seals.

Use the tape to reinforce the corners and seals of boxes that are holding heavy or sharp-cornered objects. Using one of our tape dispensers to apply the tape is a great way to make sure that the tape is fully stretched and able to reach its maximum potential strength. It’ll also keep you from the frustrating reality that is losing the tape end on the roll.

Color Code Unpacking Order

When you move, there are some things that you’ll need sooner than others. You can use carton sealing tape to do this. Either use short strips of tape to create a symbol (say a plus sign or even just a simple tape strip in a color that makes sense to you) that indicates you should unpack that box with some urgency. You can choose a different symbol or color to indicate boxes that you’re intending to store for a while or unpack at your leisure later.

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