How to Make a Photo Collage - Easy Instructions!

Photos add a personal, fun touch to any room. Placing them in the same old, boring frames can only spruce up the room so much. Instead, create a fantastic picture frame alternative: a photo collage of your favorite images. It will be sure to fix the missing decorative element in any room!

Necessary supplies:


-Cardboard/thick card stock

-ATG tape

-ATG tape dispenser

-Optional: scissors, mounting tape


  1. Gather all of your favorite photos. Use as few or as many as you’d like.
  2. Set down a piece of cardboard or thick card stock, eyeballing--and cutting, if necessary--it to fit the number of pictures on-hand. If it’s not perfect, don’t worry!
  3. Play with the placement of the pictures directly on the cardboard.
  4. Once you’ve found a design you’re satisfied with, flip over the first picture you’d like to tape onto the board. It’s easiest to start in the middle or a corner.
  5. Position the tape dispenser over the back-side of the picture, and pull towards yourself. Use multiple pieces to ensure it’s taped in a way, such that the edges will not curl up. (For more information regarding the set-up and use of an ATG tape dispenser, please click here)
  6. Work your way around the original picture...or place them randomly throughout the board, overlapping in multiple places.
  7. When the last picture is taped, admire your work!
  8. Mount on a wall (with our mounting tape), or display it however you please.


ATG tape’s acid-free properties ensure your photos won’t fade over time from acidity. It’s a durable tape, made specifically to keep pictures in place. Any scrapbooker, DIYer, or photographer needs it in her toolbox! In the mean time, enjoy the fabulous photo collage you just created!

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