Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Your Cardboard Tape Rolls

Earth Day 2017 has passed, but every day is a good day to be a champion for our environment. Every year, 29 million tons of non-biodegradable packaging is tossed into landfills. Every business and every person has the power to reduce the environmental impact packaging has on our planet.

Next to avoiding excessive packaging (in manufacturing and when purchasing), reusing some of the items that would normally be thrown out is one of the best ways to curb your carbon footprint.

Reusing Tape Rolls

Once you use up all of your tape, you can use the cardboard rings that the tape comes wrapped around for all kinds of different things. Get creative and stay open minded when you’re contemplating what to do with tape rings once their original purpose has been exhausted.

Keep in mind that the sturdy cardboard and rounded shape of tape rolls make them an invaluable addition to any kid’s craft supply cabinet. You can use them to create a neat jewelry or gift box like this one. Tape rolls of all sizes can be used to create beautiful bangles like these, thick or thin. You can customize them any way you like, and they make fantastic gifts! Stack a few like sized tape rolls on top of each other with a cardboard circle glued to one end and wrap in gaffer tape or artist tape to create a custom pencil holder or a vase for silk flowers.

For a more grown up approach to reusing tape rolls, try this: glue wide cardboard tape rolls to a light but sturdy backing like a piece of foam board or even a piece of soft wood using an adhesive that’s appropriate for your backing and the tape rolls. Spray paint in the color of your choice. Add picture hangers on the opposite side of your backing and hang on the wall for a modern, hand-made take on small storage. Use varied sizes of cardboard tape rolls to create this incredible, classy bathroom or vanity storage piece, pictured under #10 of this collection of toilet paper roll reuse ideas.

Tape rolls will work for almost any recycling project that calls for toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls, but with much sturdier results due to the heavy cardboard and tough engineering used to create them. If you need a taller roll, simply stack the rolls on top of each other and carefully tape them together like is called for in the vase construction idea above.

Tapes Supply and Environmental Awareness

At Tapes Supply, we offer products like our bag sealing tape and bag sealing tape dispenser to help business owners reduce the amount of wasted packaging they create by allowing the sealing of bags with a customizable length of tape. You only use what you need and get a great seal.

Share with us your most fantastic stories of using Tape Supply products to reduce your environmental impact! We’d love to see your DIY cardboard tape roll projects, too!

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