Easy Gift Bag Sealing Solutions

What in the world is bag tape? It’s a common question for those that don’t use it on a regular basis. Essentially, this phenomenal tape allows you to securely seal bags, in a quick, easy manner. It’s a thin, sticky tape that sticks to itself, but can be pulled apart with relative ease. Think electrical tape--not plastic cling wrap. By simply taping a small bag shut, you can ensure freshness of the products inside, or make sure they don’t spill everywhere.


This tape is best used with a bag sealing tape machine. It allows you to easily insert a new roll of tape, and seal bags with relative ease. In fact, there is a built-in attachment that allows you to cut off any excess length of your bag. With this easy-to-use dispenser, you can finish sealing a bag in under 3-seconds!


Bag tape provides solutions to sealing gift bags, goodie bags, or other cellophane-type products. Pinterest is chock-full of cute ways to decorate bags, but they don’t have a great answer to easily securing them. Simply slide the bag through the appropriate slot on the bag sealer, and BAM! You have a neatly sealed bag, ready to be spruced up however you see fit.


Not so much of a crafter? Bag tape can be used in a plethora of other ways. During the rainy seasons, as well as Winter, delivering newspapers can be frustrating. Customers often request replacement editions, as theirs have been soaked through. Seal all of your newspapers before embarking on your route, and your customers’ satisfaction will increase drastically!


Bakers, candy stores, or confectionaries can really benefit from bag sealing tape, as well. Whether you’re looking to preserve the tastiness of your baked goods, or the salty-sweetness of home-made caramels, bag tape keeps out the air, thus sealing in freshness!


If you’re in the floral business, bag sealing tape can allow you to beautify a single stem,  or small bouquet. By using the tape, you can easily wrap a ribbon around the flowers, which adds a personal touch your customers will surely love.


The list truly is endless in term of how to use bag tape. It’s one of the most helpful, least-known packaging tools available on the market. We have bag sealing tape for sale in 8 dazzling colors--they’re sure to fit any situation! At TapesSupply.com we only sell the highest-quality products. We have all of your bag sealing needs!

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