Summer Tape Crafts for Kids

Summer is upon us, and this means millions of kids across the country will be getting out of school for a couple months. In many climates, it’s too warm to venture outside for long during a good portion of the day unless you’re venturing directly into the swimming pool. For parents and other care providers, this oftentimes means a house full of bored kids.

So how can you cope with the unceasing and irreverent cries of, “I’m bored!” from kid up to kid down? Make sure you have plenty of activities for them to do at home, both indoors and out. Adhesive tapes like those sold at Tapes Supply have myriad uses in crafts and activities for children.

Tape Apparel and Accessories

You can teach your kids to make and/or snazz up several wearable items with tape and regular household items. Layer tape strategically to make tape wallets, hair bows, or cute decorated hair pins. Cover belts or sandals to give them a new, kid-friendly look. Weave or braid tape strips that have been placed adhesive side to adhesive side to make creative tape jewelry. Be sure you’re using a tough tape like our fabric gaffers tape.

Tape Hopscotch

If you’re looking for a more precise way to create a hopscotch course without the permanence of painting, turn to a great outdoor tape like Non-reflective Cloth Gaffers:. You can stick it to a garage floor or sidewalk to create a semi-permanent active game board.

Obstacle Course

Similar to the tape hopscotch from above, you can use tape to create a fun obstacle course at home. Use tape to delineate an obstacle rich path, perhaps going over or under lawn furniture, across a play set and down a slide, and then across an imaginary river of lava with ‘safe’ paving stones. The only limit to the fun your kiddos could have with this is your family’s collective imagination! You could even use glow-in-the-dark tape for a night-time obstacle course. Just make sure you don’t stick tape with hearty adhesive to anything it could potentially damage.

Tape Bookmarks

Encourage summer reading by making a tape bookmarks! Simply wrap a piece of cardstock in your choice of adhesive tape for a sturdy, fanciful bookmark. You can use various colors to create stripes, chevrons, or even a rainbow colored bookmark. Make a hole towards the top with a hole punch and add a ribbon to complete the look. Make sure all of the adhesive side of the tape is covered to avoid damaging books!

Tape Flowers

Tape flowers have become one of the most popular kids’ tape crafts around. They’re fun to make and kids end up with a beautiful decoration they can either give as a gift or use to spice up their bedroom décor.

Whatever your kids are interested in, there’s likely a tape craft out there that would delight and entertain them. Use this summer time and Tape Supply tape to help them live up to their creative potential.

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