Super Storage Solution = Cardboard Box + Gaffers Tape

There are a ton of cheap storage solutions available these days. Your nearest discount store probably has countless plastic containers available for about $1, but you can bet they won’t last long. Tough, long-lasting storage solutions that are stylish, effective, and fit in the area you need them are hard to come by and oftentimes expensive.

Imagine a way that you could store your stuff that is totally customizable in size and color. Now imagine it as a fun, DIY project. You can have just that with only a few items and a few minutes of your time. I’ll teach you how to make a sturdy storage box for your bookshelves or bedrooms!

What Do You Need?

First, you’ll need to find a sturdy, unwrinkled corrugated cardboard box that’s the fits in the spot you intend to put it. You can save boxes from online shopping or stop by a local liquor or grocery store. These places often give away boxes for free and you’ll have a vast selection of sizes to choose from. If you go out in search of the perfect box, make sure you remember to take measurements with you!

Next, you’ll need some gaffers tape. One roll should do for a small-ish storage box. You can find gaffers tape in several different stylish colors on Tape Supply’s website. This tape is similar to duct tape, but even sturdier and more waterproof. This tape’s structural nature makes it perfect for making tough storage boxes!

You’ll need a good pair of scissors, a pen, and a ruler, as well, to ensure clean, crisp lines.

How To Create Your Storage Box

Once your supplies are gathered, it’s time to get started. There are two methods you can use to create these boxes: one involves free handing the tape covering, and one involves measuring and then marking the lines where you’ll lay down the tape to ensure straight lines. Personally, I’m a free hander, but having created several of these boxes, I’d recommend measuring out sections the width of the tape and marking them to ensure straight lines on larger boxes.

Start with the bottom of the box (this part, you’ll want to measure either way. Cut one piece of tape the same as the longer length of the box and lay it from end to end in the bottom of the box up against one of the long sides. Cut another and lay it with about a 1/8 in. overlap. Continue until the bottom is covered.

Next, you’ll wrap the tape straight from the roll to cover the box long-ways. Stick down the clean edge right where you started covering the bottom, take the tape up the inside end, down the outside end, around the bottom, then back up the other end and around to the inside, cutting the tape at the bottom of the box for another clean edge. Continue to do this, overlapping each tape strip 1/8 in. over the last to ensure total coverage.

Next, use a strip measured twice the height of the box plus one inch to cover each corner with the same method, pressing the tape firmly into the corner on the inside and wrapping it tightly on the outside with the additional inch sticking down to the bottom of the box.

Repeat the wrapping process you used for the ends of the box for the sides, taking care to keep folds out of the tape. Wrapping the boxes neatly is an almost cathartic experience for me.

How To Use Gaffers Tape Storage Boxes

These boxes are perfect for holding little game pieces on your entertainment center, for odds and ends on the bookshelf, or for small toys in children’s rooms.

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