Tape for Preppers: How You Can Include Tape in Your Preps

You don’t have to be preparing for the zombie apocalypse to be well-prepared in the event of an emergency. There are lots of potential natural and man-made disasters that are worth preparing for, even for the average person. When you get into what types of things you may need to acquire in order to be prepared, it can get pretty confusing. There’s a lot of specialized gear out there. There are also a lot of regular household items that would come in handy in an emergency, but space may be at a premium if a scenario ever plays out where you may need to use your survival preps.

Items that can do several potential jobs are ideal to conserve valuable space. Tape is one of those multi-purpose survival items that you might consider including in your preps. Here are some reasons why, and which types of tape might help the most.


Tape can be an awesome way to quickly and easily repair many items in an emergency, even if it’s only a temporary fix.

You can use electrical tape for vehicle repairs and patching hoses of all kinds in an emergency. For any tape-involved electrical repairs, it’s very important that you only use tape specifically made for electrical components. The formulation of the tape means that it isn’t conductive which reduces the likelihood of electrical shock from the object after the repair is completed.

Gaffers tape can be a great way to repair clothing or even create new clothing pieces. Shoes, belts, and even pants can be made almost entirely from sturdy tape like gaffers tape. The clothing you have on could be life and death in a disaster, so being able to keep it whole could be crucial.

Tape could also be used to waterproof clothing. This could help keep you dry, and therefore warm, potentially preventing hypothermia.

Many types of tape could be used to make repairs to important items such as fishing gear, packs, and even water containers.

Night Time Safety

Glow in the dark tape is an awesome way to make things visible in the dark. If the power is out or you’re sleeping outdoors for whatever reason, this tape can serve as a way to direct you to necessary objects or places in the dark. It’s perfect for finding the bathroom at night!

It’s perfect for travelling by foot at night, as well. Stick a small piece of tape to both the front and back of each member of your party so that you can see each other in the dark.


Tape can be used to repair tents or to create cording for the building of a shelter. You can also find directions to create a hammock for sleeping from tough tape like gaffers tape.

Medical Uses

Ideally, you’d use tape intended to adhere to the skin, but in a pinch, any adhesive tape could be used to secure bandages or a splint. Be sure that the person you’re sticking tape on is not allergic or sensitive to adhesives, and reserve these practices for basic field first aid. The point of these first aid measures is to allow you to get to a medical professional.

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