Tape Wall Treatments: The Quick, Fume-Free Way to Spice Up Your Wall T

Have you been feeling like your home décor is stagnant lately? Painting, while typically a relatively affordable DIY project, can be horribly time consuming and messy to boot. If painting isn’t in the cards and you want a wall treatment that’s fun and different, you can make the change with tape. Adhesive tape is available in lots of colors, styles, sizes, and finishes to suit most any décor. You’re only limited by your imagination! Share some of your tape wall treatment ideas with us in the comments!

Ideas for Common Areas

Tape frames- Use tape to create frames for kids’ artwork, calendars, or printable seasonal art pieces. Measure four strips of the tape of your choosing to create a rectangle the size you need and carefully apply to the wall. A silicone scraper can help you get a clean, wrinkle free application. Use double sided tape to hang art in your faux-frame. You can also use tape directly around the edges of artwork or photos to create a framed effect.

Aluminum tape backsplash- You can use a wide aluminum foil tape to create a unique backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. Simply apply tape carefully on the wall above the countertop. If you’re looking for an extra special touch, you can emboss the tape before you remove the backing using a heavy-duty stencil and an embossing pen to add texture.

Printable border- Use printable artist’s tape to create a custom narrow wallpaper border, but without all the glue and mess. The tape itself comes in several different colors so you can design the perfect border for your décor.

Kids’ Rooms Tape Wall Treatments

Glow in the dark stars- You can use glow in the dark tape to create stars to light up your child’s room at night. You can create stars by utilizing a star-shaped punch, or you can cut out triangles to form your own stars.

Glowing beacon- The dark can be scary for kiddos. Use glow in the dark tape to help kids find the door. Simply apply tape to the doorframe to provide your kiddo with light that will help them find the way out of their room. You can also apply tape to light switch plates to help them find their way to the lights.

Simple wall designs- You can use a tape with a flat finish to create very simple, modern designs to spice up kids’ rooms. Use strips of tape to create triangles or plus sign shapes. Use a large circle punch to create polka dots. You can also tape stripes to create an incredible accent wall. It’s very important to measure carefully so that your design looks polished.

Wall and Tape Warnings

Some types of tape may damage the paint or texture currently on your wall. Be cautious about where you stick any type of adhesive to your walls, but especially so when it comes to extra-sticky tapes like gaffers tape. However you choose to use tape in your wall treatments, be sure you always measure and stick carefully.

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