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T.R.U ATG-50 ATG Tape Dispenser Gun for Reverse Wound Transfer Tape

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T.R.U. ATG-50 ATG Tape Dispenser for Reverse Wound Transfer Tape

Product Description
T.R.U. ATG-50 is a hand held tape dispenser for reverse wound transfer or commonly known as ATG Tape. Dispenser has a special pin spool allowing use of complete roll without any waste, friction or effort, which also provides an adjustable gear. All of the ATG tapes we sell will fit in the ATG-50 dispenser.

ATG Refill Rolls
T.R.U. ATG-7502 tapes (fits perfectly on 1/2 in. and 3/4 in. rolls, but it also accepts 1/4 in. and 3/8 in. rolls; Although, they may slide around still works perfectly).

Dispenser Usage
Rolls need to be securely place on the spool running down clockwise, so the roll will not spin freely when the trigger is being push. The adhesive and backing will roll on top of the roller closes to it and then under the next roller, carrying the adhesive in front of the gun. To apply, one needs to press the trigger and the spool will run free until it is not press anymore.

General mounting and holding - product assembly - design and packaging of prototypes - mounting nameplates - picture framing - paper web splicing - sealing envelopes

Note: Cannot be used with 60 yd rolls.

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