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T.R.U. EC-306 Blue/Gray Premium Carton Sealing Hand Held Tape Dispenser: 3 in. wide (3 in. core)

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T.R.U. EC-306 Premium Carton Sealing Hand Held Tape Dispenser

Product Description
T.R.U. EC-306 is a high-quality hand held tape dispenser that comes with a safety blade cover (the blade is safely tucked away behind the protective cover that only flips open during operation. This greatly reduces risk of injuries). Metal frame carton sealing dispenser has a comfortable handle and a Natural Rubber Roller with a tension knob (adjust the tension of the side loader according to your needs). Excell designed this box tape dispenser to be a durable solution that offers consistent and superior performance.

• Necessary tool wherever products are processed, repackaged or prepared for distribution. Warehouses, industrial plants, e-commerce shipping operations and retail distribution outlets are just a few of the places where T.R.U. EC-306 hand held tape dispenser can be used.
• Essential tool for those who are looking for a lightweight, portable, hand-held tape dispenser. Easy-to-use, operators can tack, roll, buff and tear in one fluid motion.
• Used for: Carton sealing - Box sealing - Combining - Reinforcing - Bundling operations

• For tape up to 3 in. wide
• Core Diameter: 3 in.
• Maximum roll diameter of 6 in.
• Metal frame carton sealing dispenser
• Side loader with adjustable brake
• Natural Rubber Roller
• Static cling strip designed to keep the tape in ready-to-use position each time after dispensing
• Safety blade cover protects you from any injuries while the device is not in use

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