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T.R.U. LF-5R Golf & Tennis Lead Tape with Rubber Adhesive: 36 yds. Lead Foil Tape

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T.R.U. LF-5R Lead Foil Tape

T.R.U. LF-5R is 100% pure lead foil tape coated with a rubber based adhesive system which exhibits excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, especially to metal, glass, films, foils, and papers. Highly malleable and can be shaped to the most intricate patterns. Complies with Fed. Spec. HH-T-29A Amendment 2.

• For stop off masking during electroplating
• To add weight to Golf Clubs & Tennis Racquets
• Used as an electromagnetic and radio frequency shield.

Tennis Racquet Lead Tape Location
12 o'clock: Sticking tape in this position will give you a big power boost and expand the sweet spot toward the tip of the racquet, which will appeal to baseliners. The potential downside? The racquet might become head-heavy and cumbersome.
10 o'clock and 2 o'clock: Weight placed at these positions will increase the frameÍs power, add stability on off-center hits, stretch the sweet spot toward the upper edges, but also reduce maneuverability significantly.
9 o'clock and 3 o'clock: The most popular configuration enlarges the sweet spot toward the sides of the frame, where players frequently mishit the ball, and makes the racquet considerably more powerful.
6 o'clock: If you place tape here, your racquet will be a bit more stable, a bit less maneuverable, and a tad more powerful. The sweet spot will be pulled down, which will help those who miss shots low.
Handle: Lead tape under the grip will increase the racquetÍs stationary weight with little effect on swingweight (how heavy the frame feels when you swing it). This position is best for net-rushers who want a heavier racquet without sacrificing maneuverability.

Backing: 5 mil lead foil
Adhesive: Rubber
Tape Thickness (w/o liner): 6 mil
Peel Adhesion: 60 oz/in
Tensile Strenght: 18 lbs/in
Temperature resistance: 40 F to 180 F
Elongation (at break): 15%

Alternative to 3M #34201; Lamart #245L (acrylic); 245L-R (rubber).

NOTE: Sizes will be the tape industry standard metric sizes, ex. 12mm for every 1/2 inch of nominal value tape width (Rolls are give or take 5% wider or narrower than the nominal size).5>

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